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Welcome to CNLT
“Conferencing and leisure Tours (CNLT)” Tours is a new upcoming Inbound Tour operator in India. With head office in Delhi, we have a dedicated team of travel professionals with extensive collective travel experience. The well-knit motivated team of committed people have in-depth knowledge of the business and with an unspoken passion to promote tourism in the Indian subcontinent ensures that all guests are well looked after and provided quality services.

India, with a population of over one billion, is a peninsula framed on the north by the world’s highest mountains the Himalayas, and on the south, east and west by the Indian Ocean. It has a rich and varied landscape comprising tropical greenery, great rivers and vast deserts. India’s antiquity dates back to the Indus Valley civilization (2500-1700 BC) followed by invading hordes and massive empires, including the British who left in 1947 with India’s Independence. India a country of where people with several of the world's great faiths, speaking a multitude of languages and wearing a variety of colorful attire.

“Awesome India” Tours, is new and upcoming venture in the field of Tourism in India, emerging to be one of the reputed establishment in the field. A professionally managed company, extensive knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in conceptualizing and execution of events, group and tours, business/trade delegations & seminar along with conferences and individual cultural tours throughout India. The extensive experience of the travel business of it’s directors on board, adds to the quality, style and exclusivity of all services which the company offers.

We believe that travel is an extremely personal experience; hence let our guests choose how and where they want to go and have a chance to be intensely involved in designing the perfect trip handled by the attentive staff.

Travel does open one's mind and help understand other's culture …. travel freely, meet like-minded people and make global friends.